Laryngoscope Kit

Organize and protect your laryngoscope handles and arrange your blades for quick deployment. Don’t waste time searching for all the right parts needed for the job.


Duodote Kit

Are you replacing your Mark 1 auto injectors with DuoDote auto injectors? Do you need a way to rapidly deploy them when needed? Be confident that this seldom used medication is organized and protected when you need it most.


RSI CARD (Sold Separately)

To Purchase RSI cards, please see our friends at B&R Medical



Do you need to ID your kits? Would you like your department
logo on your kit? Ask us how.


Diastat Kit

Diastat Kit Currently used by Norwalk Hospital - Norwalk, Connecticut.


Medication Shelf

This organized medication shelf makes daily inventory quick and easy and clearly displays needed medications while on the road.


Medical Kit

Currently Used by Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue


I/O Kit

Currently used by Thomas jefferson University, JeffStat Ambulance, Philidelphia Pennisylvania