I have spent my professional life attempting to optimize emergency airway management. I think that the customized kits Nanook Industries has developed enhance the effectiveness of EMS providers in an airway emergency.The complexities of emergency airway management are minimized by the ease and organization of this product, which cannot help but translate into more efficient patient care and stress relief for the EMS practitioner.

Mike F Murphy M.D., FRCPC (EM), FRCPC (Anes.)
Professor and Chair, Anesthesia
Professor, Emergency Medicine
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I developed the EMS Field Guides with intent to reduce my chances for error in the highly dynamic situations we providers face during critical resuscitations. No situation is more critical than performing rapid sequence induction in the field. Nanook Industries has devised a RSI kit that is rugged, easy to use, customized, and minimizes the chance of medication errors.

Paul LeSage, EMT-P, Author, "EMS Field Guide"

Having been a paramedic for over 17 years, I have been on my share of difficult airway cases where I never felt I had enough hands to manage the airway and gather the proper medications and equipment needed for RSI intubation. Nanook Industries’ RSI kit has reduced the time, effort and stress of that procedure. For the two years I have worked with the kit, I have found it to be professionally made and easy to decontaminate. The medication and syringes are extremely visible and accessible, making daily equipment and medication checks easy. I would highly recommend this or any product from Nanook Industies.

Troy E. Spisla
Captain – Paramedic
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
Portland, Oregon

The organizational layout of the RSI kit has greatly reduced medication errors, giving our paramedics confidence while treating a critical airway.

Jan Acebo, EMT-P
Regional Outreach Coordinator
REACH Air Medical Services
Corvallis, Oregon

Our kits are absolutely perfect. Honestly we could not have found a better way to store our narcotics. Thanks again!

Derek Hirons, EMT-P
Operations Supervisor
Special Operations
Cambridge, Massachusetts

We have the kits, they are in service and we love them! Thanks again for all your help! It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Chief John Meaney
North Adams Ambulance
North Adams, Massachusetts